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To go to the technological forefront, financial institutions are developing a variety of services. They are doing it thanks to the technological entities that have opted to implement advances in the financial sector.

For this, financial institutions have made many efforts, having to rethink their way of providing their services. Inserting business models that achieve profitability when making transactions with the user.

Innovation and technology is the primary point to achieve the objectives, and they are overcoming it. Today there are online platforms for products and services, which connect people of “peer to peer.” This means that the time factor is reduced and the space factor is approaching, to obtain better and faster information.


Adaptation to go to the technological and virtual vanguard

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How do banks currently offer their products and services? If you talk about Colombia, it is acceptable. By placing the customer in front of the web pages, to perform their transactions virtually, there is affinity. Due to the delay in the platforms, being today in version 2.0, with development in versions 3.0 and 4.0.

With version 2.0 the corporate pages of the banks are offering content adapted to the client. It shows the fundamental, in a dynamic way, where the virtual welcomes a need. In version 3.0 and 4.0 the standardized becomes artificial intelligence, to give more efficient and effective responses .


Achievements to go to the technological forefront

Achievements to go to the technological forefront

If you talk about the line of mortgage loans, within the products offered by financial institutions, there are stumbling blocks. What is the reason ?, the client wants a better and trustful advice on mortgage guarantees and only has it personally. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, its purpose is to offer the client great benefits . That the products and services are perceived by the client with security and confidence . And for banking entities it is also a business opportunity.

To solve all doubts, the user is being considered, through artificial intelligence will be achieved. In the year 2020, you have to be prepared to get your mortgage credit online. 

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