Go to the technological forefront to acquire credits

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To go to the technological forefront, financial institutions are developing a variety of services. They are doing it thanks to the technological entities that have opted to implement advances in the financial sector.

For this, financial institutions have made many efforts, having to rethink their way of providing their services. Inserting business models that achieve profitability when making transactions with the user.

Innovation and technology is the primary point to achieve the objectives, and they are overcoming it. Today there are online platforms for products and services, which connect people of “peer to peer.” This means that the time factor is reduced and the space factor is approaching, to obtain better and faster information.


Adaptation to go to the technological and virtual vanguard

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How do banks currently offer their products and services? If you talk about Colombia, it is acceptable. By placing the customer in front of the web pages, to perform their transactions virtually, there is affinity. Due to the delay in the platforms, being today in version 2.0, with development in versions 3.0 and 4.0.

With version 2.0 the corporate pages of the banks are offering content adapted to the client. It shows the fundamental, in a dynamic way, where the virtual welcomes a need. In version 3.0 and 4.0 the standardized becomes artificial intelligence, to give more efficient and effective responses .


Achievements to go to the technological forefront

Achievements to go to the technological forefront

If you talk about the line of mortgage loans, within the products offered by financial institutions, there are stumbling blocks. What is the reason ?, the client wants a better and trustful advice on mortgage guarantees and only has it personally. With the implementation of artificial intelligence, its purpose is to offer the client great benefits . That the products and services are perceived by the client with security and confidence . And for banking entities it is also a business opportunity.

To solve all doubts, the user is being considered, through artificial intelligence will be achieved. In the year 2020, you have to be prepared to get your mortgage credit online. 

Business Insurance The Best Option In 5 Steps

Business Insurance

At present, if you have a small business or business it is important that you can insure it against any risk that may lead you to lose it. Remember that all investment is part of an estate that you must take care of. Today, insuring your company is no longer so complicated, there are several insurers that provide the service . But sometimes, even choosing the insurer is difficult to know, understand and choose the appropriate coverage , Here we show you how to get your business insurance in five simple steps



Steps to choose your business insurance

Steps to choose your business insurance

Give your company a value

Quote the commercial value of the entire inventory of your company . It includes furniture, computer elements, computers, the existing winery, decoration elements, infrastructure, and stationery.


Analyze the area in which your business is located

Analyze the area in which your business is located

a) Is it a natural risk zone?

* Prone to volcanic eruptions?

* Are you near rivers, lakes or dams that can overflow?

* Are you in an earthquake zone?

b) Is it a social risk zone?

  • Check if the area is listed as dangerous of low or medium risk
  • What does the statistic say? Are there assaults? What type? Are there robberies or looting in the area?


Choose the toppings

Look for company insurance that your coverage can protect you against the risks to which you are exposed. Avoid duplicating coverage or hiring those that you will not occupy.

You can include various coverages such as:

a) Fire and damage coverage

b) Coverage in case of loss of information

c) Medical expenses for your employees


Let’s talk about the price


When managing the price of business insurance remember:

  1. Take into account also the commission of the agent that will attend you, taxes, extraordinary commissions, and the deductible in case of accident
  2. Not contracting insurance of companies for which your budget does not reach, not covering what was agreed in a month would mean that that month your company would not be protected


Contracts and precautions

Contracts and precautions

When requesting your business insurance , carefully read the policy that is given to you (even the small print).

Check the terms and conditions of your insurance and once you are satisfied with the insurance for companies that are presenting you and have no doubt. Sign your contract.

Apply For a Credit Card or Personal Credit?

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The need for financing is almost always accompanied by doubt. What type of financing is better? If you are one of the people who are in the dilemma of what type of credit they should choose, this information may be very helpful. What is best for you Apply for a credit card or personal credit? Let’s find out.


Apply for a credit card?

Should you apply for a credit card?

It depends. A credit card is not just any financing, in fact, beyond the first impression that you will have a reusable credit line and revolving credit , you should know that this type of financing will not serve you in the following circumstances:

  • If you need a lot of money
  • When you require cash immediately
  • If you require transactions where they do not accept card

The credit card is convenient when you want an extraordinary means of payment to be able to take advantage of promotions and discounts and, in addition, it serves as financing. Above all, it is highly recommended when you are a total person and use the financing only to finance some purchases or payments that are not charged interest.

Especially if you are a total zero, in addition to looking for a card, try to opt for those that do not charge annuity, so make sure you do not have to pay


Advantages of the credit card:

  • You can get it without having a credit history
  • Open the doors to multiple credits
  • It is possible not to pay a single interest weight with it
  • Provides access to promotions and discounts
  • Grant access to various rewards programs


Apply for personal credit?

personal credit

Personal credit is more convenient when you need a specific amount of money for a very specific purpose, such as going on vacation, remodeling the house or buying a car.

This is because a personal credit is more likely to be authorized for higher amounts and faster.


Advantages of the personal loan:

Advantages of the personal loan:

  • You are aware of what fees you will have to pay from the beginning
  • They are fast ; online credits usually take between 24h and 48h to deposit the money in your account and the bank maximum 15 days

But, there are some points that are not as good as:

  • The interest rate that the loans handle, which usually, the higher the amount or the longer the term, the less cheap they are
  • The monthly payments are fixed and without minimum payment options
  • There is no possibility of being a total zero, that is, once you contract the loan you will end up paying the corresponding interest if or if.

The best way to know if it is advisable to choose between a credit card or a personal loan, is knowing the advantages and strengths of each. After what we just told you. Which one do you think is better?